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"I use the physicality of paint, color and gesture to create multi-layered lush landscapes that are drawn from my observations and experiences in nature. Bridging the abstract and the realistic, these places are extracted solely from my imagination, illustrating a sublime floating world that is simultaneously chaotic and unsettled, exalted and sublime. Always constant in the work is a search for beauty, mystery and ambiguity."

“Suzanne’s abstracted landscapes radiate with energy and movement as she captures stroke by stroke the beauty of nature. Onodera is a brilliant colorist, mapping shadow and light in tones that when laid against each other have the power to create a harmonic chord, pulsing from the surface of the canvas. Gesture is essential in Onodera’s work – you can sense the movement of the artist’s hand in every element. She owes her influences as much to Joan Mitchell as to the tonalist landscape artists of earlier centuries.”

Suzanne Onodera

"Evidence" 36" x 30" Oil on canvas

Suzanne Onodera

"Landing" 36" x 30" Oil on canvas

Suzanne Onodera

"Red Cloud" 9" x 12" Oil on panel

Suzanne Onodera

"Edge Of Winter" 6" x 12" Oil on panel

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