Paula Warrender

There are so many unusual shapes and texture that appeal to the contemporary side of my personality, so I enjoy photographing them from different angles.  Or maybe it’s something we look at often but never see its magnitude until I’m get a close up. Duo Tone Prints have always put more emphasis on these textures, so these are usually my favorite, but it’s hard to pass up the hues in a beautiful sunset or a storm in the dessert.

I believe I’ve spent my whole life looking for new things to create.  My career in photography started in a studio in Omaha, Nebraska. One of my first subjects was little girl with Down Syndrome, who I had photographed many times before. I always sang her favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, trying many times to get her to smile. My singing didn’t seem to work until her fourth birthday. I started singing once again, when she looked up at me, began singing, and then gave me her sweetest smile, through the tears in my eyes I was able to catch that tender moment on film. Being able photograph the love between two people at their wedding or get a great smile from the star football player in his senior portrait have been very rewarding, finding that spot where the sun is shining through a grove of trees at sunset can be pretty powerful also.  


So, instead of creating expressions on the faces of people, I’d decided to create my own artistic expressions.  


DuoTone print