Megan Lightell

I began painting landscapes out of a longing to return to the comfort, mystery and silence embodied in the land I knew as a child. I have alternately found myself living in urban and rural settings but regardless of my surroundings I am compelled to paint land - either as a reflection of my environment or as a depiction of a memory. It is always a meditation of sorts, recognition of the holiness inherent in earth. I do not aspire to create paintings that directly represent or imitate my surroundings. I simply attempt to whisper faintly that sound I hear when I am in the right place.

Light Rising
Rolling Distance
Warm Waters
Winter Branches study
Dusting Of Snow study
Still Creek
Clear Path
Year End
Deep Skies
Burning Sky
Winter Grove study
Bells Bend Evening study
End of Season study
Lifting study
Bells Bend Evening study

12x12 Oil on canvas