John g Martin

My life has always revolved around trying first to see the potential for beauty in what might seem to be prosaic objects, and then reassembling them into unusual new creations in which that natural beauty becomes more vivid.

And all through my life I have been asked the same questions: “How do you think of these things?  How do you see what ultimately emerges?” But the truth is, I never quite know until I start making something.

The title of my solo exhibition – JUXTAPOSITION – comes the closest to explaining what my art essentially is. My method for all of my creative work is all about the placement of disparate elements in unexpected ways as no one else does it.  Some of my work is functional, and others are simply assemblages.

But the same method applies to my works on paper, paintings on canvas, and even to product design, lighting, and interior and exterior design.  Indeed, my interior and exterior spaces are my “think tanks” in which I also juxtapose works of nature and works of art in what can only be described as an organic dance.

We all live in this world to make some use of our environment. The intent of my art is to show how our urge to build can creatively coexist in beautiful juxtaposition withthe natural world.