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Brenda Holzke

My purpose in creating artworks is to connect. I cannot do this without honesty, clarity and trust. Letting go of self- limiting beliefs, expectations and unlimited mind chatter is a process. My goal is to lose control. The intention is to communicate through my heart and not my head. 

With my work I rely on the need to challenge my methods and mediums.

While working with clay, I am in a constant state of rebellion. I push the limitations of this medium at every stage of creation. Knowing that the clay is in control, I welcome the cracks and flaws with open arms. Embracing them as beautiful decay.

Through my sculptures, this exploration visually relies on referencing indigenous and geological processes; both giving surface and form to my primitive yet modern expressions.

The pieces are my nod to a past that constantly shapes the future.

My mixed media process is an evolution that I refer to as “organized chaos” Each panel progresses with layer upon layer of different materials, always allowing areas to peek through. Constant edit through destruction and resurrection culminates in the final commitment that I share.

I find a direct correlation between making art and living life. The harder I try and control the process, the more difficult the journey.

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