Barbara Bouman Jay


The development of my art has been an ongoing and intuitive journey of 40 years, a record of experimentation, improvisation and exploration where process is paramount. Having had the unique experience of spending childhood freely roaming the open sands in a beach environment and post college years in Sub-Saharan West Africa and crossing the Sahara Desert, I continue to be inspired by the vastness of open spaces and the beauty of natural surrounding, resulting in an expression of non-representational works. 

Relocating to the rural mountains north of Los Angeles from a suburban CA community in 2004 has further influenced my aesthetic in terms of balance and space and color, spontaneity and order, with a merging of concepts between minimalism and expression. My most recent body of work consists mostly of oil, wax and plaster on panel utilizing a modified fresco technique, 'A Secco'. In my 1300 square foot studio (MUSE Ranch), the paintings are planned as much by my nature as my thoughts, evolving through the application of layered materials, gesture making, dragging and scraping. 

A surface is established that is new and exciting and inspires the next journey of rediscovery.  I recognize the indeterminate possibilities and outcomes of each piece and act upon impulse and intuition, while maintaining a stylistic coherence, keeping the empty space in my work as important as the space accentuated with marks and shapes.